mel sotos* polaroid photography

mel sotos loves polaroids. polaroids make her happy. so happy, in fact, that in 2004, mel took a one year hiatus from pursuing her graduate degree in architecture from the university of texas in order to take polaroids full time.

this passion for polaroids turned into an itty bitty operation, wishbone works, that prints reproductions of her photographs onto tshirts.

as for the original polaroids themselves, they are transformed into remarkable poster size images::
all pieces are 28” x 36”
all pieces are giclee prints on archival canvas
all pieces are stretched on 2”deep stretcher bars

all of the limited edition prints are for sale

since deciding to share them with the viewing public, mel has had a handful of exhibitions.

july lombardi. austin, tx.
october 2004.....................g2, grace gallery. austin, tx.
december 107. austin, tx.
march-april 2005................progress coffee. austin, tx.

personal statement:
a $49.95 polaroid one step camera purchased at a drugstore is my instrument of choice. although i have other cameras, I prefer to keep things simple: one button, no moving parts. my camera goes with me everywhere and its shutter released whenever something catches my eye. my work is that simple.

it must be noted that none of the final prints have been manipulated. they have simply been enlarged. it was important to me that the final print be as pure and naked as the original because they are, afterall, just polaroids.

to inquire about prices, tshirts, and comissioned work, please contact